Fashion and Technology exhibit recently opened at the Museum at FIT, and I stopped by a few days ago to have a look. Exhibit runs Dec 4, 2012 - May 8, 2013. Technology as we know it today, typically means the digital world, but here you’ll see how tech advancements through the past 250 yrs altered what was possible in clothing styles and production. Of note, a digitally printed 3D garment by Freedom of Creation, which they donated to become part of the Museum at FIT's collections.

I think the exhibit holds more appeal for designers or students interested in “how” things are made, or for fashion production people. For myself personally, I’m more interested in visual aesthetics, in how digital technology and social media have changed the way we experience fashion… so what caught my attention were two videos, one of Burberry's Fall 2011 holographic runway show in Beijing. You can see it on YouTube, a 35sec clip or the full show 18:15min.

Another video featured was an animated short from Prada’s spring 2008 campaign, drawn by James Jean, who also illustrated the prints in Prada’s collection that season. See on YouTube Prada/JamesJean video.

***Highlight: FIT’s own dedicated website to the Fashion and Technology exhibit, experience it yourself here.

Photo credits~ FIT poster & lobby: M.K., others courtesy the Museum at FIT